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If I Were Gone Tomorrow…

January 5, 2011

…what 12 stories would I want people to know about my life? This is the question posed in Ali Edwards’ workshop, Yesterday & Today, that I’m taking at Big Picture Classes. Hmmm…this is actually much harder than it sounds! I was immediately able to come up with about 10 meaningful stories but everything else I come up with it seems so trite and unimportant. Here’s what I’ve got so far…

  1. The very funny story of how my parents met and were married in a 6 week time period
  2. The family summer vacations that we took when I was kid and how, looking back, they laid the foundation for my love of learning.
  3. My small clique of high school friends and how the dynamic seemed to change every year.
  4. My firefighting days.
  5. My daughter, Rachel.
  6. My daughter, Amanda.
  7. My daughter, Chelsea.
  8. My son, Cody.
  9. The few hobbies that I have and how they tend to be interconnected. (reading, papercrafts, and genealogy)
  10. My relationship with my only sibling – my sister, Debbie.

I’m still pondering the story possibilities for #’s 11 & 12 – there is nothing special about my job, I don’t travel much at all, and I have few close friends. I suppose any one of those things can be a story, but I wouldn’t know what to say about them. The first 10 stories really resonate with me and I know I will have tons to say about them, but nothing else has come to mind that seems quite as important…yet.

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