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I Miss The Wisteria

April 13, 2011

My parents used to have the most beautiful springtime display of azaleas and wisteria in all of Shell Point. There were two large pines in their side yard which had wisteria circling up each tree from the ground and spreading through the upper branches to meet in the middle in an exquisitely fragrant shower of blooms.  There was a single large pine in the center of the front yard which was surrounded at the base with white and pink azalea bushes. A spray of purple wisteria shot up the tree from their midst. There was also a lone pine in the center of the back yard which sported the encircling grape-like clusters of lavender flowers.

It was an amazingly short-lived display that blanketed the entire neighborhood in it’s springtime fresh perfume.

It’s all gone now save the azaleas (and even some of them have been culled from along the front of the yard). The pine trees came down one-by-one because of the danger they posed to the surrounding homes – a rational that my mind can understand but which my heart will never accept.

I have not seen a display of its kind since. Oh, there are masses of azaleas everywhere and miles of wisteria vine but nothing in such a combination as we had when I was young. As a matter of fact, wisteria seems to be falling out of favor as I’ve noticed less and less of it as the years go by.

I miss it so very much…

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